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World Environment and Island Studies, 2022
Volume 12, Number 1
Volume 12, Number 2
Volume 12, Number 3
Volume 12, Number 4

Volume 12, Number 1

Volume 12 #1 Introduction (pp. 8-12).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Korean Cherry Trees and World Peace(pp. 13-16).
Peter Kuznick PDF icon

Sharing the Meanings and Contexts of Korean Provisional Democracy, Diplomacy and Asian Pacific Care approaches at the Grass Roots Level with Neo Generations (pp. 17-24).
Chang Hoon Ko, Martin Kang, Horim Kim PDF icon

Christianity and the March First Independence Movement (pp. 25-32).
Byung Soo Lee PDF icon

Real-Time Remote-Health Monitoring Systems: A Review on Patients with Chronic Diseases (pp. 33-36).
Jiwon Kim, Chulho Oak PDF icon

The Value of Jeju Island Biosphere Reserve as an Internationally Protected Area (pp. 37-50).
Byeongmu Kim PDF icon

A Study on the Establishment of a virtuous cycle of donation using NFT auction to promote Gotjawal's sharing (pp. 51-60).
Jong-Myoung Park, Hye-Young Ko, Kyung-Soo Hwang PDF icon

Culture and Arts Administration Governance for Blockchain-based Initiative (pp. 61-74).
Hye-Young Ko PDF icon

Kyong No Dang Model Research for the Elderly- Based on CCAI Model, Whitney Center Model, PASSi Model and Chongsu Kyong No Dang (pp. 75-92).
AeDuck Im, Chang Hoon Ko, Horim Kim, Hesung Chun Koh, Im Ja Choi PDF icon

Jeju-World_Peace-Island-Declaration(JWPID) and Peace-Island-Network-Organization(PINO) in the age of Artificial Intelligence (pp. 93-100).
Horim Kim, Yoo-seok Koh PDF icon

Volume 12, Number 2

Volume 12 #2 Introduction (pp. 104-106).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Environmental PeaceBuilding of Korean Cherry Trees Becomes 'ECOSYSTEM FOR PEACE.' (pp. 107-111).
Ignace Schops PDF icon

The Matters of Jeju King Cherry Trees' Secret: A Tiny Historical Injustice that is Connected to the Japanese Attitude Nowadays (pp. 113-116).
Kunihiko Yoshida PDF icon

Diplomacy Threads between Korean Provisional Government and Republic of Korea: Tolerance Priciples among Jeju 'Peace Cherry Trees', Ths First Korea Congress, and Busan UN Foreces Cemetery. (pp. 117-120).
Chang Hoon Ko, Jihee Kim, MuYeun Kim, Se jun IM PDF icon

Jeju World Peace Island Korean Peninsula Cruise: Planting the seeds of the Jeju King Cherry (pp. 121-123).
Cherry Grant McCall PDF icon

Working Toward a More Peaceful Tommorow - A Student's Perspective (pp. 125-127).
Joseph Jung PDF icon

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