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World Environment and Island Studies, 2018
Volume 8, Number 1
Volume 8, Number 2
Volume 8, Number 3
Volume 8, Number 4

Volume 8, Number 1

Volume 8 #1 Introduction (pp. 8-10).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Organizational Capacity Building and Strategic Growth for Environmental NGOs : A Primer (pp. 11-21).
Muthusami Kumaran PDF icon

Jeju Peace Island for Korea : A Third Way toward Island Democracy in the Asia Pacific Context? (pp. 23-30).
Lee, Kyung-won PDF icon

Some Insights on 18 Jeju 4.3 Survivors' Retrial cases in 2018 from Consequences of 1984 Korematsu Coram Nobis Case Decisions and Civil Leberties Act of 1988. (pp. 31-38).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Searching for Historical Trauma Recovery Model : Related to Jeju 4.3 (pp. 39-16).
AeDuck Im PDF icon

Identity in the global community : English learners in Jeju (pp. 47-51).
Mi-sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 8, Number 2

Volume 8 #2 Introduction (pp. 60-61).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Russia and the Korean Crisis (pp. 63-66).
Anton KoslovPDF icon

On the Backgrounds of the Renaissance and the Renaissance Humanism- -Centering around the Epistemology and Soteriology of the Via Moderna- (pp. 67-76).
Chan-moon Park PDF icon

Social Activism of Jeju Buddhism in the period of Jeju 4.3 Incident. (pp. 77-91).
Geumsoon Han PDF icon

UNESCO World Geopark Management and Improvement Plan : With Reference of Sanbangsan and Yonggi coastal areas (pp. 93-98).
Seung-Hag Oh PDF icon

What is our country to Jeju People ? : Understanding hidden stories and of Jeju People from the Jeju 4.3 Uprising during ‘peacetime’ Korea with School Students (pp. 99-103).
Shi woo Song PDF icon

Volume 8, Number 3

Volume 8 #3 Introduction (pp. 114-116).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Each retrial shall be initiated for the decision to be re-judged: Decision about Case: 2017 Inventory Hab-4 (pp. 117-125).
Judge Je-Gal Chang PDF icon

Social Healing of Jeju 4.3 Grand Tragedy Through Tolerance1 (pp. 127-136).
Ko, Chang Hoon PDF icon

Searching for New Community Model for the Aged: Jeju Jeong Nang Silver Town Model based on Whitney Center, Hyo cuture, Jeju traditional housing structure and Jeju Hanyeo community (pp. 137-146).
AeDuck Im, Mike RambaRosa, Christine Stopka PDF icon

Secret of aging and Progeria (pp. 147-150).
Shin Young Park, Woo Jin Kim PDF icon

Students' opinions about the effectiveness of college English instruction (pp. 151-156).
Mi-Sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 8, Number 4

Volume 8 #4 Introduction (pp. 164-166).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Human Rights and Reparative Justice: The 2018 Reopening of the Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions Through the Lens of the Coram Nobis Japanese American WWII Incarceration Cases (pp. 167-180).
Eric K. Yamamoto, Katya Katano, Rachel Oyama and William N. K. Crowell PDF icon

Reconciliation Revitalized Through An Official Apology for the Wrongful Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions: A Key Next Step Toward Comprehensively and Enduringly Healing Persisting Wounds of Injustice (pp. 181-192).
Eric K. Yamamoto, Rachel Oyama and Katya Katano PDF icon

US Responsibilities of Cheju Massacres 1947-1949 Revisited (pp. 193-205).
Hur Sang-Soo PDF icon

Jamnyo s bulteok - < place of fire > for Jeju women divers - A Healing Culture - (pp. 207-218).
Ok-kyung Pak PDF icon

Mt. Halla of Jeju island is the natural birth place of Prunus yedoensis: Academic and Global Confirmation Processes of Jeju King Cherry Trees (pp. 219-225).
Jung-sup Kim, Kyung-won Lee, Chang Hoon Ko, Ae-Duck Im, Seunghak Oh, Geum-soon Han, Wonjae-Lee, Se-jun Im, Deok-hyeon Kim, Won-sup Koh, Jae-yong Shin, Kwang-sik Kang PDF icon

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