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World Environment and Island Studies, 2017
Volume 7, Number 1
Volume 7, Number 2
Volume 7, Number 3
Volume 7, Number 4

Volume 7, Number 1

Volume 7 #1 Introduction (pp. 8-11).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

How Much is Too Much? An Analysis of Social Media Usage During Study Abroad Programs Focusing on Social and Environmental Sustainability (pp. 13-24).
Muthusami Kumaran, Swapna Kumar, Victor Harris, Dale Pracht PDF icon

The Roots of the March First Movement as Non-Violent Ordinary People's Search for Justice (pp. 25-34).
Yung Chul Lee PDF icon

Reflections on Accountability: The United States' Violations of International Law on Jeju Island in the Aftermath of World War II (pp. 35-45).
Natsu Taylor Saito PDF icon

Jeju World Peace Island Treaty JWPIT: A New Look at Darkness of Jeju 4.3 Grand Tragedy to Brightness of Peace Island Vision - (pp. 47-52).
Chang Hoon Ko and Ho-jin Kang PDF icon

A Call for 4.3 Reconciliation (pp. 53-56).
Kenneth Mcleod PDF icon

A School Teacher looking at 4.3 Education (pp. 57-62).
Seung-hak Oh and Michael Saxton PDF icon

Wonhee K. You PDF icon

Developing Healing Models for Historical Trauma: Applied to the Jeju 4.3 Trauma (pp. 71-78).
Ae Duck Im PDF icon

How university students perceive English curriculum? (pp. 79-84).
Mi-Sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 7, Number 2

Volume 7 #2 Introduction (pp. 90-93).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Environmental Justice Reparations for Jeju Island (pp. 95-104).
Kath Rogers and Kaimipono David Wenge PDF icon

From Tragedy Peace will come. 'Franchising' 'Peace Island' (pp. 105-110).
Grant McCall PDF icon

Social Economy and the Welfare State viewing from a Comparative Perspective: Exploring the Possibility of Welfare Realization of Social Economy (pp. 111-122).
Song Jae Bock PDF icon

IT Fusion-based Approaches to Education: Tackling the Problems of Global Education, Constructing Mastery Learning Model, and Creating Competitive-type Learning Games (pp. 123-131).
Seong Baeg Kim PDF icon

Volume 7, Number 3

Volume 7 #3 Introduction (pp. 134-135).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Peacekeeping, Peacemaking, and Peacebuilding on Jeju Island (pp. 137-142).
Douglas A. Yates PDF icon

Jeju Peace Island for Koreas 2018: Towards Peace Island Education & Tourism Welfare Model at the Grass Roots Level (pp. 143-150).
Chang Hoon Ko & Kyungwon Lee PDF icon

Searching for Jeju 4.3 Trauma Model : Collective Stigma and Jeju 4.3 historical trauma (pp. 151-157).
AeDuck Im PDF icon

The Effectiveness of Three Different English Instruction Approaches (pp. 159-166).
Mi-sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 7, Number 4

Volume 7 #4 Introduction (pp. 172-174).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Exiting the Road to Resentment: Moving from Reactionary Reconciliation to Social Healing with Justice (pp. 175-184).
Carlton Waterhouse PDF icon

Peacekeeping, peacemaking, and peacebuilding: Towards positive peace in a society that endured conflict (pp. 185-200).
Olivier Sempiga PDF icon

On the Naming Dispute over the sea between Korea and Japan--for a Third Name, neither Sea of Japan nor East Sea (pp. 201-217).
Jong Seok Park PDF icon

Records of the anti-movement of Jeju Naval Base at Gangjeong Village (2007-2017) (pp. 219-235).
Yong Taek Yoon PDF icon

Jeju Vision for the Future and Special Law on Jeju Island (pp. 237-256).
Ho-jin Kang PDF icon

A Study on the Stress Factors and School Adjustment of Middle and High School Students in Jeju (pp. 257-267).
Hye-sook Han PDF icon

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