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World Environment and Island Studies, 2016
Volume 6, Number 1
Volume 6, Number 2
Volume 6, Number 3
Volume 6, Number 4

Volume 6, Number 1

Reparations: The Problem of Social Dominance (pp. 11-20).
Carlton Waterhouse PDF icon

An Island Approach to the Territorial Disputes over the Senkaku / Diaoyu / Tiaoyutai Islands (pp. 21-34).
Hiroshi Kakazu PDF icon

Coastal Community Mobilization in the Aftermath of Man-made Disasters: A Case Study of Florida Gulf Coast Community Responses after the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the USA (pp. 35-42).
Angela B. Lindsey and Muthusami Kumaran PDF icon

Christianity and Moon-Young Lees Public Administration - Centering on the Understanding of the Reformation - (pp. 43-56).
Moon Kee Kim PDF icon

The Evolution of the Growth First Belief and the Unequal Society: In Search of Conversions in the Role of Public Administration(PA) (pp. 57-62).
Kyung Won Lee PDF icon

A comparative evaluation of main cruise ports in Korea, China and Japan in Northeast Asia (pp. 63-70).
Jeong Cheol Yang PDF icon

Two-Tiered English Education in Jeju (pp. 71-78).
Mi-Sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 6, Number 2

Moon-Young Lee's Transcendence Ethics in Conflict Management (pp. 99-108).
Hun Myoung Park PDF icon

I-20 and Nissology (pp. 109-114).
Grant McCall PDF icon

Study of Integrated Management Plan of UNESCO International Protected Area (pp. 115-124).
Kwon Oh Kang PDF icon

The Triple Knot of Long-Term Care in the United States: Long-Term Care financing, Delivery and Workforce Policy (pp. 125-131).
Robyn Stone PDF icon

Volume 6, Number 3

Volume 6 #3 Introduction (pp. 144-146).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Estimating Electrical Energy Consumed by Electric Vehicles Penetration to realize a Carbon-free Jeju Island (pp. 147-150).
Su-wan Kim, Ankhzaya Baatarbileg, Gae-myoung Lee PDF icon

Jeju 4.3: Planetary Consciousness and Psychosocial Process for Social Healing and Reconciliation (pp. 151-160).
Roy Tamashiro PDF icon

Authentic 4.3 Jeju Tragedy Reconciliation as a symbol of Peace in Asia: A Collection of Writings (pp. 161-166).
Bishop Peter U-il Kang PDF icon

Actualization of Reparation, Reconciliation and Reconnection Agenda for the Jeju 4.3 Grand Tragedy (pp. 167-175).
Chang Hoon Ko with Yoon-kyung Yang, Young-soo Yang, Ho-jin Kang and Young-jun Yang PDF icon

A Study on the Ways to Expand 'Tolerance' in a Multicultural Society- focused on Jeju Island (pp. 177-185).
Seong-hwa Moon PDF icon

Volume 6, Number 4

Volume 6 #4 Introduction (pp. 192-194).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Recognition and Respnsibility: The Moral Relevance of Pre-UN History to the Jeju Tragedy (pp. 195-201).
Hope Elizabeth May PDF icon

"American Responsibility and the Massacres in Cheju," at Conference on Overcoming the Past: Healing and Reconciliation - Cheju and the World in Comparison (pp. 203-209).
Bruce Cumings PDF icon

Jeju 4.3 Grand Tragedy during 'peacetime' Korea, is ripe for repair in both USA ans S. Korea simultaneously as one of UNESCO World Program of Memory (pp. 211-215).
Chang Hoon Ko, Ho-jin Kang, and Jihee Kim PDF icon

Tragic Education: An Introductory Investigation into Various Education Policies Concerning Tragedy (pp. 217-226).
Michael Saxton PDF icon

Is it Possible to denuclearize North Korea? (pp. 227-238).
Jong Seok Park PDF icon

The Influence of language learning on learners' identities: English language learners in Jeju (pp. 239-246).
Mi-sun Kim PDF icon

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