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World Environment and Island Studies, 2015
Volume 5, Number 1
Volume 5, Number 2
Volume 5, Number 3
Volume 5, Number 4

Volume 5, Number 1

International Redress for Past Atrocities: A Theory of Redress (pp. 11-20).
Roy L. Brooks PDF icon

Next Steps for 4.3 Reconciliation: Jeju 4.3 Reconciliation Initiatives in the Asia Pacific Context (pp. 21-34).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Governance Case of Yeondaedo, Eco island, Tongyeong city, Korea (pp. 35-42).
Misook Yoon and Chan Won Lee PDF icon

Suggestions for Efficient Management of the Protected Areas with Multiple International Designations on Jeju Island (pp. 43-54).
Geun Sik Chung and Kyung-Soo Hwang PDF icon

Analysis of the Effect and Policy Proposal of City Culture Marketing on Seogwipo City's Local development (pp. 55-64).
Yong-Beom Kim, Kyung-soo Hwang, Sang-mi Kim PDF icon

Volume 5, Number 2

The Political Field of Reparations (pp.73-79)
John Torpey PDF icon

Why Should Japan be Concerned About Jeju Reparations and Reconciliation? (pp. 81-90).
Kunihiko Yoshida PDF icon

A Critical Understanding on the Territorial Disputes of East Asia (pp. 91-99).
Jong Seok Park PDF icon

The Opening of a "Green Growth Organization" of the Jeju Declaration from WCC 2012 Actualizes as Establishment of an ASIAPARC Federation, Partnership Organization of EUROPARC Federation in 2015 (pp. 101-110).
Chang Hoon Ko, Daniel Kojetin, Daejoon Kim, Jihee Kim, Kwonoh Kang PDF icon

The Jeju Green Urbanism for the Future (pp. 111-120).
Chang-Soo Kang PDF icon

Language learning and Identity construction (pp. 121-128).
Mi-Sun Kim PDF icon

Volume 5, Number 3

Oil and Conflict in the Pacific. (pp. 151-156).
Douglas A Yates PDF icon

Testimonies of the Jeju 4.3 survivors of imprisonment for completely resolving the Jeju 4.3 Incident and legally regaining the honor of the 4.3 victims during the imprisonment (pp. 157-184).
Dong-Yun Yang, Mi-gyeong Kang, Yeong-ran Kim PDF icon

Cases of Sexual Assault committed to local women during Jeju 4.3 Incident (pp. 185-198).
Rimwha Han et al. PDF icon

Jeju Arirang:Jeju 4.3 trauma case study through I would like to fly like an eagle by Im, Kyong Jae- The applicability of psycho-social approach to Jeju 4.3 trauma (pp. 199-227).
AeDuck Im PDF icon

A Study on the Relationship between People and Government in the Era of American Military Rule (pp. 229-258).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Truth and Reconciliation of the Investigative Report of the National Truth Committee of ROK Comparing with Some Critical Ppints of Jeju April 3rd, 1948 Grand Tragedy (pp. 259-272).
Sang-soo Hur PDF icon

Volume 5, Number 4

Moon-Young Lee's Transcendence Ethics for Democratic Public Administration (pp. 283-296).
Hun Myoung Park PDF icon

Island Governance and Moon-Young Lee's Non Violence Administration (pp. 297-306).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

A Study on Characteristics of the historical sites related to the April Third Incident and the distribution of residential architecture from 1945 to 1955 (pp. 307-316).
Tae-il Kim PDF icon

Environmental governance and Civic Engagement:Key Ingredients for Sustainable Community Development in Island Provinces (pp. 317-324).
Muthusami Kumaran PDF icon

The Women's Side of Jeju Identity-"Women Centredness" (pp. 325-338).
Ok-Kyung Pak PDF icon

Policy Analysis for Unmarried Single Parents in Jeju Province, South Korea from 2005 to 2015" (pp. 339-348).
AeDuck Im, Su Young Han, Seo Yeon Jang PDF icon

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