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World Environment and Island Studies, 2014
Volume 4, Number 1
Volume 4, Number 2
Volume 4, Number 3

Volume 4, Number 1

What's Next?:A Joint United States and Sonth Korea Jeju 4.3 Tragedy Task Force to Further Implement Recommendations and Foster Comprehensive and Enduring "Social Healing Through Justice" (pp. 9-18).
Eric K. Yamamoto and Miyoko Pettit PDF icon

An Unfinished Task of Truth Finding of Cheju Mass Killing Under US Occupation in Peace time 1947 to 1949 (pp. 19-26).
Sang Soo Hur PDF icon

An Island Conservation Model of Jeju Haenyeso Cohabitation with Nature in an Age of the Coastal Pollution (pp. 27-46).
Chang Hoon Ko, Kyeong-min Kang, Myung-ho Lim, Han-young Lee, Jin-kyu Yang, Jung-cheol Yang PDF icon

Study of Landscape Damage by Constructing a Cable-car on Halla Mountain (pp. 47-56).
Taeil Kim PDF icon

Utilizing Immigrants to Jeju Island as a Growth Engine for Local Development (pp. 57-72).
In-Sung Kim, Kyung-soo Hwang, Yun-jung Oh, Kyung Bum Kim PDF icon

Volume 4, Number 2

Roles of NGOs in Addrssing the Climate Change Cisis in Coastal Regions and Islands (pp. 9-20).
Muthusami Kumaran PDF icon

Green Community 'the International Green Island Forum Corporation'and Birth of Carbon Free Island 'Gapado' (pp. 21-44).
Kyung-ja Hur PDF icon

A Study on Restoration Plans of Jeju Hanon Maar Crater (pp. 45-82).
Keith Bowers, Eun Shik Kim, Young Chul Yang, Suk Chang Lee PDF icon

A Study on the Improvement of the Intention for Revisit and Recommendation of Harbor Duty Free Store Customer (pp. 83-94).
KyoungGuk Roh, AhRam Cho, BooYun Cho PDF icon

Volume 4, Number 3

Strategies and Directions for Sustainable Tourism (pp. 11-18).
Sunmi Shin and Byungseol Byun PDF icon

The Significance of the Formation and Migration History of the Jeju Japanese People during the Japanese Occupation (pp. 19-32).
Kyung Won Lee PDF icon

Jeju haenyo spreading through Asia (pp. 33-44).
Mi Koh PDF icon

Sustainability of Common-pool Resource Management by Communities (pp. 45-58).
Kyeong-Min Kang PDF icon

A Study on the possibility of Haenyeo as a Sustainable Profession with Social Security to keep tangible and intangible heritage of Haenyeo community (pp. 59-70).
AeDuck Im PDF icon

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