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World Environment and Island Studies, 2013
Volume 3, Number 1
Volume 3, Number 2

Volume 3, Number 1

Conditions for Promoting Participatory Rural Development in Korea (pp. 9-14).
Hye-Jin Bu and Sangcheol Kwon PDF icon

Social Process for Wind Farm Construction in Jeju Island: A Case of PIMFY-ism (pp. 15-29).
Shin-Ock Chang and Atsushi Nozawa PDF icon

Jiseul (pp. 31-38).
Kyung-hoon Park PDF icon

Jeju (Korea) culture seen by an outsider (pp. 39-54).
Ok-Kyung Pak PDF icon

A New Look at Korean Gender Roles: Jeju( Cheju) Women as a World Cultural Heritage (pp. 55-72).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Volume 3, Number 2

Tolerance Philosophy of Social Healing Through Justice for Victims of Korea Jeju April 3 Tragedy (pp. 9-14).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Finding a Place for Peace (pp. 15-29).
Grant McCall PDF icon

The Challenges in Pursuit of Reconciliation of Jeju Historical Injustice: Some Observation on Taxonomy of Reparations and the Process of Reconciliation (pp. 47-62).
Kunihiko Yoshida PDF icon

A reassessment of public conflicts and Interests : The Case of the Jeju Naval Base Construction (pp. 63-76).
Kyung Won Lee PDF icon

Systems for Controlling the Total Number of Vehicles for a Clean Jeju Island (pp. 77-85).
Kyung-Soo Hwang, Kwan-Woo Ko, Kyung-Bum Kim, Daejun Kim PDF icon

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