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About WEIS

About the Journal: World Environment and Island Studies (WEIS)

In launching the WEIS with the advice of Maurice Strong, ex Vice General Secretary of UN known as Environment President and support of WAIS, We, at the World Enviroment and Island Institute (WEII), believe that the journal presents a great opportunity in several ascepts:

(1) a clear and well developed dual conceptual focus of World Environment and Island

(2) intellectual and policy leadership for the prosperity of ocean civilzations

(3) acquisition of a solid resource base, both within and beyond Jeju National University

(4) extensive networking at three or more levels ----

a) within Jeju Island

b) among other relevant Korean-based actors and

c) among academic and policy researchers in island-based settings around the world.

We are no longer "scratching at the surface". Rather, the journal is getting to the heart of the matter. Indeed, as the world is coming to know more about island people and cultures, islands are becoming important actors on the global stage in an age of World Environment. The World Environment and Island Studies continues to provide a forum for discussion and analysis. In doing so, as a lighthouse to ships on the sea, the journal offers a script as well as directions. Thank you again for your attention to our journal.

Editor in Chief : Chang Hoon Ko, Ph.D., Jeju National University, Jeju, South Korea & President of World Association for Island Studies (mrsom@jejunu.ac.kr)

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