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World Environment and Island Studies is a peer reviewed international journal published by the World Association for Island Studies and World Environment and Island Institute, Jeju National University.
Editor in Chief : Chang Hoon Ko, Ph.D.
ISSN: 2234-4101


Call for Papers

World Environment and Island Studies Volume 9 No.1 (March 30, 2019), Volume 9. No.2 (June 30, 2019), Volume 9 No.3 (September 30, 2019) and Volume 9 No.4 (December 30, 2019). For the 9th editions of the Journal in World Environment and Island Studies (WEIS), the World Association for Island Studies (WAIS) in partnership with the World Environment and Island Institute of Jeju Island of South Korea, welcomes submissions on the topic of Environmental Governance, Climate Change, Green Growth, Maritime Culture and Island Studies. (Registration of Korean Citation Number 0884 ).

The 2019 Issues of WEIS will be guest edited by Dr. Grant McCall. (Professor at the Dept. of Anthropology, University of Sydney, AU) He calls attention to sustainability in islands and small states as a topic in need of further attention, conceptual development, and empirical research in an age of world environment. We hope submissions for these special issues will re-imagine islands' unique sustainability needs as well as their capacities to engage in global resilience policy.

Submissions are not restricted to scholars in the field of world environment and island studies; those from other disciplines (e.g. anthropology, history, philosophy, political science, and sociology) are welcome to submit papers relevant to this call. The Deadline for Submissions: February 20, 2019 (Spring edition , 2019: WEIS Volume 9 Number 1), May 20, 2019 (Summer edition, WEIS Volume 9 Number 2), August 20, 2019 (Fall edition WEIS Volume 9 Number 3), and November 20, 2019 (Winter edition 2019: WEIS Volume 9 Number 4).

Recently Published Online Articles

Volume 8, Number 4

Volume 8 #4 Introduction (pp. 164-166).
Chang Hoon Ko PDF icon

Human Rights and Reparative Justice: The 2018 Reopening of the Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions Through the Lens of the Coram Nobis Japanese American WWII Incarceration Cases (pp. 167-180).
Eric K. Yamamoto, Katya Katano, Rachel Oyama and William N. K. Crowell PDF icon

Reconciliation Revitalized Through An Official Apology for the Wrongful Jeju 4.3 Mass Convictions: A Key Next Step Toward Comprehensively and Enduringly Healing Persisting Wounds of Injustice (pp. 181-192).
Eric K. Yamamoto, Rachel Oyama and Katya Katano PDF icon

US Responsibilities of Cheju Massacres 1947-1949 Revisited (pp. 193-205).
Hur Sang-Soo PDF icon

Jamnyo s bulteok - < place of fire > for Jeju women divers - A Healing Culture - (pp. 207-218).
Ok-kyung Pak PDF icon

Mt. Halla of Jeju island is the natural birth place of Prunus yedoensis: Academic and Global Confirmation Processes of Jeju King Cherry Trees (pp. 219-225).
Jung-sup Kim, Kyung-won Lee, Chang Hoon Ko, Ae-Duck Im, Seunghak Oh, Geum-soon Han, Wonjae-Lee, Se-jun Im, Deok-hyeon Kim, Won-sup Koh, Jae-yong Shin, Kwang-sik Kang PDF icon


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